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Under water flying? TEST: Freediving with Subwing

Kajak & Äventyr tests: Subwing

Can you fly under water? We have tested Subwing, a wing that takes you down into the depths to fly through the water, silently, in slow motion.

Test equipment
  • Subwing Honeycomb Hexagon
  • Mask
  • Snorkel + Fins (optional)
  • Rope
  • Go Pro mount (valfritt)
  • Rib boat with engine

The feeling of flying under water among surprised fish, algae and rugged cliff walls is magnificent. Silently we hover under water and steer soft and with full control through the water with the wing. With a simple move we rotate 180 degrees and continue the under water journey upside down. It is not arduous to hold on to the wing and the dives can be relaxed and relative long.

The response when you turn the wing is fantastic. It’s really like flying. – Fredrik Fyhr, test pilot
It is enough with a 2 hp engine and a rib boat as pulling boat to fly Subwing

Kajak & Äventyr has tested  Subwing during a sail trip in Croatia. A Subwing consists of two wings that are connected through a rotatable swivel into one big wing. With lines attached to each wing the Subwing is pulled after a boat. The diver grabs the front of each wing and controls the wing as it moves through the water.

By tilting the wing up or down the wing dives or rises in the water. Because the wing is connected in the middle one can tilt the wings in different directions and get a spin or rotation through the water. There is also a single hand grip between the wings at the rear if the dive gets deep and needs to equalize. Recommended line length is 15 meters but for dives down to ten meters twice as long lines are necessary. Suitable speed is three knots. At that speed the control and maneuver of the wing is simple and precise and the water resistance is within comfort level.

Subwing comes in threes different models where we tested the cheapest, simplest and smallest modell made of ABS plastic: Subwing Honeycomb. Subwing is also available in glass fiber or carbon fiber and the price varies from 295 – 895 dollar. Disassembled the Subwing is quite small and does not weight more than approximately three kilos which makes it portable and easy to bring in your suite case or even as hand luggage on flights.

We also tested to ride two persons on the same Subwing. We held on to a wing each which we steered individually. When pair riding it is useful to discuss before the dive and agree on under water communication to get a synchronized dive and to steer where you want to go.

Facts under water flying with Subwing
  • Needs to be able to swim and preferable also water experienced
  • Demands no physical strength
  • The value is greater at good visability and deepths where one can see the bottom
  • Simple to learn
  • Fun already at a few meters depth
  • No need to be able to hold ones breath for very long
  • Suits all ages
Subwing is mainly a fun gadget to bring out at sea. In a playful way you come close to the water element and experience a sense flying in slow motion. Subwing works best in warm, clear waters with good visibility. Rookie test pilots were satisfied after 5-10 minutes but for the more experienced free divers it could easily be twice as long. It is desirable that the rear one hand grip gave better control and maneuvering. Also the lines could be positioned in a better way, at one occasion one of the test pilots jammed her hand between the lines and the wing.
Its like a fighter under water

Subwing is a Norwegian invention born on a sailing boat in the clear waters of Greece. Read more about Simon Sivertsen and his Subwing on

Text & Foto: Jonas Skarstam

Kajak & Äventyr has no buisness relations or other connections to Subwing. The test was done on the initiative of Kajak & Äventyr.



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